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The wonders and marvels of nature

Nature intended that we live by the land, by the elements that cultivate the land and by the harvest derived as a bi-product of nature. Whether it is Mother Nature’s basic first food in milk, water, meat, fruit or vegetables our health is subject to perfect proportions in each – and in the absence of one you will find a suitable alternative to restore equilibrium. You are here to explore some of natures finest offering in rare, healthy super fruits brought to you in the form of Vie100.

We harvest our fruits locally working together with our farmers to deliver produce of the highest quality with sustainability a first and foremost priority. Be it our Toon Klao Limes, wild flower honey, Mangosteen or Mao Berry fruits.

Picture right - Harvesting mangosteen in the fields of Chanthaburi.

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Are you as sweet as Mao Berry or do you sing loud with the zing of a lime? Take this fun test Find out which juice matches your hidden character... Let us hope that sweet Mother Nature is on your side!

unlock the power of nature • unlock an active you

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